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AC/DC Power Male to Female Extension Cable Cord 1.2 meter


1.Products with high purity nickel interface, improve the oxidation resistance, wear resistance to make the product more durable.
2. Wire using environmental protection PVC, excellent workmanship, soft line body, good flexibility, strong anti-interference performance.
3. Applicable to the Interface for 5.5mmx2.1mm Device, such as a Laptop Computer, Cameras, Ordinary Household Electric Appliances etc…
4. 5.5mm x 2.1mm Female To Male Adapter, Security Cable Cord Connector.

Colour: Black
Length: 1.2 M
Material: PVC, Nickel
Connector Size: 5.5mm x 2.1mm

Package Include:
1/2/3/4/10 x 1.2 M 5.5 Power Cable

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Product Description

Extension for power supply 1.2 meter. Having trouble with applying your LED strip and making it reach your power supply with this extension you won’t have that problem no more.