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Philips CANbus Control Unit (Twin)


The latest generation of LED bulbs from Philips and OSRAM present excellent styling opportunities for drivers to take advantage of. LED technology not only looks great, but is also incredibly energy efficient with fantastic product service life. However, because existing vehicles are designed for the use of halogen based products, installing LEDs on many vehicles can trigger a warning light on the dashboard of the car. This is because LED technology uses lower wattages and so the vehicle believes that the LED bulb is faulty.
The Philips CANbus control unit/warning canceller for LED lamps eliminates this problem. Installation of this item bypasses the lamp failure function of the CAN bus system on the vehicle. It’s easy to install onto the car – it simply clips onto wires. Plus, using this product doesn’t have any negative impact on either the light output or heat management of the LED lamps.

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Product Description

Features and benefits

  • Bypasses lamp failure diagnostic of CAN bus system
  • Easy to install
  • Easily clips onto wires
  • Higher light output
  • External resistor does not negatively affect light performance and heat management of LED solution