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Philips Lumileds ZES Headlight


The next stage of LED headlights is here with this latest LED headlight design for maximum performance. Equipped with 6 high powered Philips Lumileds ZES LED’s and a unique reflector for low beam the light is aimed for the road without the glare to other road users. The design of this headlight gives it the perfect light pattern to make sure there is more light in front rather than on the side of the car.


1. Perfect light pattern

3. Unique additional reflector for low beam, more light on road without glare.

2. Super bright, excellent quality using PHILIPS ZES chips producing 5200lux at 3m.

3. Long lifespan.

4. Fan less design, Heatsink designed with aero dynamical AIR-JUMP technology for better heat

Dissipation, extending LED lifespan.

5. CanBus error free

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Product Description

Type Available : H1 H4 H7 H11 HB4

Lumens: 3500LM (bulb) 7000LM (set)

LUX: 56k Lux

LUX in 3/5m meters: 5300 Lux / 3500 Lux

Light source: Lumileds ZES led

LED Quantity: 12pcs Lumileds (H4)  6pcs Lumileds (H1,H7,H11,HB4)

Voltage: DC6V-18V / DC 12V-24V

Colour Temperature: 6000k

Certification: CE Rohs IP68 E-mark

Material: 6063 Aluminium alloy (201W/m.k)

Cooling: Fan less heat sink with nano cooling coating

Beam: 360°

Lifespan: 30000 hours

Work Tem: -40°C~+80°C

Warranty: 12months

Function: Can-bus

Polarity: Free

Additional Information

Globe Size

H1, H4, H7, H11, HB4