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Philips X-treme Vision LED Fog Lamps (Twin)


This X-treme Vision LED fog lamp from Philips offers the best light performance and a unique light design for the ideal blend of style and performance. A colour temperature of 6000K and an extra 45% more light on the road than a standard halogen means that the X-treme Vision fog bulbs are an ideal match for Xenon, LED and Philips Diamond Vision headlight bulbs.

A superior driving experience

This lamp provides an ideal direct replacement for H8, H11 and H16 halogen fog bulbs – they fit over 80% of cars that use these halogen fittings – with easy installation for peace of mind. Before purchasing, we recommend that you check that they can be installed on your car.


Philips’ new technology, AirFlux, features an optimal thermal design to help the bulb last as long as possible. AirFlux technology is specially designed to ensure that the X-treme Vision LED is constantly kept cool. This helps to maintain the highest possible light performance and gives the bulb a lifetime of up to 12 years.

The new design of the X-treme Vision LED allows Philips to add the very best optical lenses and ensures no shadowing effects. This all helps to produce a smooth, inclusion-free beam to match other premium vehicles, whilst maintaining the same light as a traditional halogen.


The new patented beam pattern design not only looks stylish, but also helps to keep dazzle to a minimum. The technology is designed to create a similar beam pattern as a standard halogen fog lamp, plus a sharp cut-off line that some other fog bulbs struggle to produce.

To help avoid dazzling other drivers, the light is projected at the road and not into the eyes of other motorists, helping to improve safety on the road.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the low wattage of this product a vehicle warning light may be triggered on your dashboard depending on the configuration of your vehicle.

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Product Description

Manufacturer Philips
Number of Bulbs 2
Fitting H8/H11/H16
Bulb Type Styling
Range X-treme Vision
Technology LED
Kelvin Rating 6000K
Wattage 9.3W
Voltage 12V
SKU 12834UNIX2
EAN 046678719714