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USB LED strip RGB with 24key Controller 5 Volts .5 meter strip x2


This clever USB LED strip light will instantly transform your TV or Laptop into an object of beauty. Easily take advantage of this incredible gadget as long as your TV has a USB port (all modern TV’s do)

Simply clean your surface area where you are going to apply the strip with wax and grease remover then peel off the adhesive cover, apply to the surface behind the TV and plug into USB port.
Choose from 20 different colours or set it onto one of the colour changing programs. Whenever your TV is switched on, the strip will illuminate to whatever colour or program it was on before, or switch it off from the control pad. If the light is too bright, you can dim it down to the perfect light intensity.
This USB strip light is not just for TV’s – it can also be used on computer monitors, in the car or anywhere where have a spare USB port.

Easy installation

1.Cut (As needed): Cut on the cut marks (White Lines) on the strip to desired length.
2. Peel: Remove the 3M adhesive backing on the strip.
3. Firmly Press the strip in desired place and Connect the USB to USB port.
Attention: Clean the dust, ensure the back of your TV is free from dust before installation to avoid falling off.

For any TV USB port that can not power up the RGB lighting, when insert the led strip to TV USB port and it don’t turn on or flashes sometimes, You can simply use the 5V 1A Universal USB Wall Charger to power the led strip instead.

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Product Description


  • LED Type: 5050 LED strip with adhesive back tape x2
  • LED Quantity: 15 led per strip
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Long Life: Up to 30000 hours
  • Colour: 20 different colours,21 different modes,5 levels of brightness and 5 speed settings
  • Power consumption: 7.2 watts
  • Package includes: 5V RGB strip x2, RGB receiver box, RGB 24key remote (battery included), Manual